Thank you for your performance!

Le Bergerac (FR, S & SW)
Psychobitch (BS, Punk)
one sentence. supervisor (AG, Indie-Rock)
Judy Birdland
The Son of Dog (NE, S & SW)
Land covered with briar (LU/BE, Noise-Rock with Strings and female voice)
17F (VD, Ambient/Alternative)
Hecata (FR, Crust)
Penta Tonic (BS)
Arco Iris (WS)
Unisexchhainsaw (FR, Freak)
Octanone (BS, Elektro)
Calua (BE, Garage)
Manolo Panic
Les Pongs (Rock, Female voice)
Dirty Purple Turtle (BE, Elektro),
Reeding Street
Division4 (FR, Rock)
The Petties
3Rad (Rap)
Space Tourists
Kampf dem Sonnesystem
Beat Dictator Crew (SG, Hip Hop)
Lilli Press Release
David Howald
Shake it Maschine
Microcuts (BE)
Haisy Ventures (VD)
The Red County
Gletscher (ZH)
Snarf (BS, Drone)
Mexican Guitar Duo from Hell (or from Bösingen)
John Is Strong
John Caroline (AG)
Black Briks (FR, Folk-Rock)

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